• 100% green

    100% green

    Dulver® is a solid surface 100% recyclable. The product waste and scraps can be completely recycled in the manufacturing process at the end of its lifecycle. It ‘s the cycle of Dulver ®.

  • Light


    Dulver® is the only solid surface with a specific weight lower than water one’s and equal to 0.97 Kg/dm3: a key feature for all those applications where lower products weight means appreciable efficiency recoveries and cost savings, for example, the shipbuilding industry.

  • Tough


    Dulver® is tough and solid similar to traditional buliding materials, but it is warm and velvety to the touch. Although it has a lower specific weight than water, is also resistant to extreme environmental conditions withstanding thermal shocks.

  • Acid Resistant

    Acid Resistant

    Dulver® is water-repellent and resistant to acid attack, strokes, making it ideal for use in both bathrooms and the kitchen furniture but also in outdoor environments: besides it’s dielectric with an high endurance to heat, so usable in the lighting components design.

  • Not toxic

    Not toxic

    Dulver® is a completely non-toxic material that does not release any type of substance harmful substance to people over time: a feature which qualifies its application in those sterilized and controlled environments as, for example, the food sector.

  • Colored


    Dulver® is a solid surface that can be customized and dyed as any color RAL code, plus the opportunity to take the shape on any type of finish photocopying faithfully the finish of the mold.

Dulver®:Designed to Design!